About Us


TOPTUL is a global leader in the professional hand tool industry. With over 30 years of expertise and experiences in the field of professional tools, the brand is focused on providing premium quality tools through its own production plants and supply chains. A reliable tool brand offering a comprehensive range of high performance and superior quality tools, tool sets, trolley’s, and automotive specialty tools to meet and exceed the demands of today’s professional users.

Being a quality oriented tool company, TOPTUL looks forward to leading the continual advancement of the tools not only just through research and development, but also by being guided by what is in the hearts and souls of end users around the world.

Why choose TOPTUL?


State of the art equipment and manufacturing processes. Packaging lines and storage warehouse occupy a total area of 14,100 Square meters with a floor space of over 31,500 square meters.


Every step of the production is done with meticulous care. From market research and development, product design, material selection, prototyping, mass manufacturing, to a thorough final inspection and packaging are all the important steps to ensure maximum reliability and durability of the products.


TOPTUL professional tools are manufactured by production facilities and supply chains based on TOPTUL design and quality specifications under ISO-9001:2008 Edition Quality Management. To ensure a high accuracy in measurements and dimensions, TOPTUL tools are produced according to meet and exceed international standards DIN, ANSI. TUV & UKAS certified. The Q.C. department and R&D engineers constantly review and improve the product testing & quality control procedures and standards based on either positive or negative feedbacks from global end users.


TOPTUL products are supplied in colour box, blister packaging, hanger, zipper bag and so on to meet various requirements from the designated market. With specialised packaging design of all TOPTUL products, professional display stands can be collated with shelving and hook systems which enhances the brand image and product arrangement. All packaging contains technical features, applications and benefits which are easily readable for the end user to help assist in making an informed decision.


Our national sales team and distribution network continue to grow the success of the brand. TOPTUL is a globally recognised brand to over 100 countries to date. 


We are very proactive in online development and online presentation. We have invested heavily in this sector of the business and continue to do so. This is very important in this day and age to allow the customer to source as much information on the product as possible and how to obtain this. 


All TOPTUL products unless otherwise specified are unconditionally guaranteed against any defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the tool. We will repair or replace any tool that fails to give satisfactory service, on the condition that the tool has not been abused or modified and that it is returned to an authorised warranty TOPTUL dealer.

*Lifetime warranty on all hand tools.

*12 month warranty of tool storage.

*12 month warranty on Air Tools, Cordless Tools, Power Tools.

*12 month warranty on Automotive and Specialty products.